Study Guide

Emma Chapter Two

By Jane Austen

Chapter Two

  • We meet Mr. Weston, the former colonel who just stole Mrs. Weston from the Woodhouses (if you ask Emma’s father, that is).
  • Weston’s an all-around good guy – a great soldier, a gentleman, and a property owner. Let us emphasize that again: he’s a good guy. Got it?
  • As if that weren’t enough, we also meet (or at least hear of) Mr. Weston’s son, Frank Churchill. Why isn’t he Frank Weston? That’s a good question. More on that later….
  • Frank’s the son of Mr. Weston’s first marriage. Frank’s been raised by a wealthy aunt, which means that Mr. Weston rarely sees him.
  • Rumor has it that Frank might be returning to pay a wedding visit, however, which has the whole town a-flutter.
  • Our narrator takes us back to the scene of the wedding, where Mr. Woodhouse is desperately trying to convince the entire wedding party that cake is bad for the health.
  • He enlists the expert opinion of his doctor, Mr. Perry. (We recommend checking out this scene – it’s a guaranteed chuckle.)

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