Study Guide

Bernard in Ender's Game

By Orson Scott Card


Bernard may be a genius kid, but sometimes he isn't so sharp. Bernard is in the same Launch group as Ender, and he bullies Ender when they first get to Battle School. Ender takes him down a notch by spreading messages about how Bernard likes butts (we told you we were dealing with kids here). After that, Bernard seems to mellow out. But then, when Bonzo attacks Ender, Bernard is right there with the bullies again. How stupid do you have to be to go up against Ender twice? Or maybe three times, if we count that time in the shuttle when Ender throws Bernard in null gravity and breaks Bernard’s arm.

Like Stilson before him and Bonzo after him, Bernard is a bully who a) confronts Ender with a group and b) is too stupid to know any better. Strangely, he’s the only bully (of the three we mentioned) to survive.

Also, Bernard is French, but we have no idea if that means anything.

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