Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 11

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 11

The Doom of Innocence

  • The next morning, Eragon gets up and fashions a makeshift crutch out of a tree branch. His legs are still too painful to walk without help. Resourceful, much?
  • He goes to get a drink from a stream, then realizes that Saphira has brought them right back to where he first found the egg.
  • He goes back to Saphira and basically calls her a chicken to get her to take him back to Garrow's farm. Nice move.
  • His mockery works, and they take off again, racing back home. Eragon's legs are bleeding again. Ouch and yuck.
  • When they near the farm, smoke and flames are visible from the air.
  • Uh oh.
  • Saphira lands nearby and Eragon sees that the farm house has been completely destroyed. All the animals are gone and Garrow is nowhere to be found.
  • Eragon is super-mad at Saphira for taking him away, but she says that he'd be dead if she hadn't done it.
  • They start looking for Garrow, and Eragon finds him buried under a pile of rubble.
  • Saphira helps dig him out, but Garrow is in a bad way. He's covered in burns that are "chalky white and [ooze] clear liquid," with "the odor of rotting fruit" (11.24). Once again: ouch and yuck. Eragon also finds a scrap of black cloth clutched in his hand.
  • He makes a carrying board for Garrow and Saphira carries them both to Carvahall.
  • It's tough going for her, though, and Saphira has to rest, landing a little ways out of the village. Eragon drags his uncle the rest of the way into Carvahall while Saphira makes herself scarce in the nearby woods.
  • He pulls Garrow the rest of the way into town, then collapses as he sees Brom come running up to meet him.
  • Talk about epic.