Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 12

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 12


  • Eragon is dreaming. He sees proud figures with silver hair and lances boarding a ship. They are upset to be leaving wherever they are. Also, Eragon notices two dragons in the sky above them.
  • When he wakes up, he's in bed and bandaged up. The town healer, Gertrude, is napping next to him.
  • Eragon sits up, which wakes up Gertrude. He asks her about Garrow.
  • The news is not good: Garrow's burns aren't healing and he's got a fever that won't break.
  • Eragon wants to see him, but Gertrude says he has to eat. After all, he's been out for two days. Time flies when you're dreaming about dragons.
  • She asks him if Garrow was injured in the barn fire. Then she asks him about the scar on his palm. (This Gertrude is a nosy Nancy!)
  • Eragon deflects her questions as best he can, then has a bit of soup. He asks to visit Garrow.
  • Gertrude lets him up, and she helps him walk from her house over to Horst's place, where Garrow is being treated.
  • Horst's wife Elain invites Eragon in, and tells him that Garrow's not doing well.
  • Eragon struggles up the stairs to see him.
  • Garrow is on a bed, being tended to by Katrina. His skin is burning hot to the touch, and Katrina tells Eragon that there's not much else she can do for him but apply a cool cloth to his head.
  • Eragon sits there in silence, until Horst shows up and drags him downstairs to eat something.
  • Horst wants to know what happened at the farm, but Eragon still doesn't come clean about Saphira. He tells Horst that he was walking in the woods when it all went down. Also, he hurt his legs trying to pull Garrow out of the rubble. (Yeah, that's the ticket.)
  • Horst asks Eragon about strange tracks out at the farm, but Eragon doesn't give anything away. Then he suddenly realizes that nobody has told Roran about what happened.
  • Horst's two sons, Albriech and Baldor, volunteer to ride to Thereinsford where Roran is staying and break the news to him gently.
  • Then Eragon hears Saphira in his head. She wants to know how Garrow's doing. Eragon tells her that he'll have to be away for a couple of days, which bums her out quite a bit.
  • He gets up to return to Gertrude's house, but Elain offers to make him up a room at her house instead, so that he can be closer to Garrow. 
  • He accepts, then goes to check on Garrow one last time. Gertrude says that he may be getting a bit better, but only time will tell.
  • Eragon goes to his room and passes out.