Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 15

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 15


  • The next morning, Eragon wakes up and spends a bit of time crying privately over Garrow. Also, he's still majorly ticked off at Brom.
  • After breakfast, he lays out the stolen hides and starts to fashion a saddle for Saphira.
  • Brom says that he knows about two different kinds of dragon saddles, and offers to help design one for him.
  • Brom starts to show him how to design the saddle—In case Eragon needs to do it again on his own in the future. Hey, you never know.
  • Saphira asks Eragon if he'll be trying out the new saddle soon. Eragon puts her off—he's still a bit nervous from the first time he flew on her.
  • Over dinner that night, they decide that it's time to get going after the Ra'zac. Brom says that they'll need horses.
  • Eragon wants to ride Saphira, but Brom tells him that she's too young to carry them both, and that they'll be safer if they stick together.
  • Eragon reluctantly agrees, but where will they get the horses? He's not down with more stealing.
  • Brom says that it depends how you look at it. He reminds Eragon that the Ra'zac are agents of the king, and so have all the legal advantages. What they're about to do is in fact super-dangerous.
  • After that cheery thought, it's time for bed.