Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 17

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 17

Thunder Roar and Lightning Crackle

  • Eragon starts the next day out by fantasizing how he'll kill the Ra'zac, but his stiff and sore body brings him back to reality. He complains to Brom that their training sessions will be the end of him, but Brom says that he's tough enough to take it.
  • They head out onto the plains, with Saphira flying high above them out of sight.
  • Brom finds some Ra'zac tracks and determines that they must have headed east, toward the village of Yazuac. They head after them.
  • The ceaseless wind starts to get to Eragon. First his legs are chapped, and now his face is chapped. Can a Rider get some Carmex? 
  • They make camp in the open. Brom is having a hard time getting a fire going with all the wind. Eragon hears him say, "Brisingr!" and it starts right up, though (17.17). That was easy.
  • They plod along for another day. The day after that, they see a storm front heading toward them.
  • The wind picks up big time, and Saphira is forced to land. The wind is so strong, though, that it blows her around, what with her big leathery wings, and slams her into the ground. Eragon rushes over to help her get her wings folded back up.
  • They struggle back to where Brom is, just in time to be pelted by sheets of rain and lightning flashes.
  • Around sunset, the storm starts to clear, and they make camp. 
  • Luckily for Eragon, Brom is too tired to spar tonight. We wonder why.