Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 18

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 18

Revelation at Yazuac

  • They keep traveling, but Eragon notices that they're running low on water. They'd better reach Yazuac soon. Brom is confident, though, and, sure enough, they get there later that day.
  • Saphira goes to hide while Brom and Eragon head for the village.
  • Saphira doesn't like all this hiding business. She's a dragon, not some criminal! 
  • As Brom and Eragon near Yazuac, something's not right. Nobody's out on the streets; no dogs are barking.
  • They enter from a side street, sword drawn and bow cocked. What they see is pretty awful: a big pile of bodies—women and children included—piled up in the middle of the street.
  • Eragon shoots a crow that's about to feast on the dead folk, then throws up. 
  • Brom comforts him and explains that we can't understand why these things happen. It's just due to pure evil. (Not super comforting, B.)
  • Investigating the scene, Brom determines that Urgals, not the Ra'zac, did this. Then he realizes that some Urgals must still be around. He tells Eragon to take off.
  • Eragon starts to gallop off on his horse, but he's knocked off by an Urgal. He sees Brom turn back to try to help him, but another Urgal steps in the way. All Brom can do is offer this helpful advice: "Run, you fool!" (18.37).
  • Eragon takes that advice, stopping to shoot an arrow at the Urgal. The monster blocks it with his shield and keeps coming. He tackles Eragon. Eragon pops up first, though, and see the second Urgal wound Brom with an axe. Just as he's about to finish Brom off, Eragon runs over to attack him. He tries to lure both Urgals away from the wounded Brom and runs off among the houses of the village. 
  • As the Urgals close in, a strange, powerful sensation comes over Eragon. He pulls back his bow to shoot an arrow. When he lets fly, he says the word, "Brisingr!" (18.43).
  • BOOM! The arrow takes off one Urgal's head, then kills the other one with the force of the blast.
  • Eragon looks down and realizes that the scar on his palm—his "gedwëy ignasia" for all you Rider insiders—is glowing white hot.
  • He watches it fade back to normal, then collapses against the nearest wall.