Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 23

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 23

A Song for the Road

  • On the road the next day, Eragon asks Brom about the sea. What's it like?
  • Brom gives a very poetic answer (really, go check it out—we'll wait). He tells Eragon that the sea is so important to the elves. 
  • How important? Well, they have songs about it. Wanna hear one? Okay… ahem... well, you see, we just strained our vocal chords doing some operatic solos in the shower this morning. Why don't you go check out Brom's version of the song for yourself?
  • They continue to travel toward Teirm, and Eragon practices his magic and sword fighting all along the way. He's getting pretty good at both, and his body is getting all muscular and buff.
  • They come at last to the Toark River, which they can follow through the mountains of the Spine right to Teirm. 
  • As they near the city, the land becomes green and mossy. Brom explains that this is due to the fog and mist that hangs over the places—kind of like Portland, but with fewer hipsters and more castles.
  • Brom suggests that they stick together from now on—no more riding Saphira. As a further precaution, they should use aliases. Brom will be "Neal," and Eragon will be his nephew, Michael Bolton. Just kidding. His new name is "Evan." Tricky!