Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 24

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 24

A Taste of Teirm

  • At last they arrive at Teirm, which is surrounded by a huge, white wall.
  • Eragon tells Saphira to stay hidden. She tells him to stay out of trouble.
  • When they get to the gate, Eragon and Brom give their fake names in their best accents and act kinda silly/demented. The guard waves them through. 
  • Eragon notices that the city is designed with buildings that get progressively taller as they get closer to the castle. Brom explains that this allows archers to shoot down at invaders without hitting their buddies in front of them. Considerate!
  • Eragon notices that the locals look pretty grim, as if they've recently had trouble, too. 
  • Brom says that they better find Jeod, so they duck into a tavern called "The Green Chestnut."
  • They ask the barkeep if he knows anyone called Jeod, but the bartender is going to need some moolah to part with that info.
  • Luckily, a helpful fella named Martin is sitting right there and gives them the info for free (much to the bartender's annoyance). He tells them that Jeod can be found over on the west side of town. Then he volunteers even more info: apparently, local merchants like Jeod have been losing ships right, left, and center. They are being sunk by mysterious attacks.
  • Brom and Eragon thank him for the info, down their beers, and take this story over to the west side.
  • When they get there, the west side of town is pretty ritzy, and Eragon feels out of place.