Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 30

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 30

Vision of Perfection

  • Brom wakes up with his arm in a splint. Everyone's gone. He rests for a while, but it's boring without anyone around to talk to/ride on.
  • So he tries the scrying magic to see where Brom and Saphira are. Looks like Brom is flying on her back, but he can't tell more than that. Then he scries his cousin Roran, who is sitting in a chair somewhere.
  • This scrying stuff is neat, thinks Eragon. Who else can I check on? He summons the image of the woman in the cell from his dream. She turns at looks directly at him, which is… awkward. 
  • The spell ends.
  • Saphira and Brom come back. Surprise! Brom is ticked off. 
  • He's mad about Eragon's use of magic. He and Saphira have had to go clean up his mess. In this case, "clean up" = kill and "mess" = "Urgals you only knocked out, but then let get away."
  • Still, three Urgals escaped Brom and Saphira.
  • Eragon tries to apologize, but Brom tells him to basically stuff his sorries in a sack. If he's going to be a Rider, he needs to start thinking more.
  • Eragon tells Brom about the summons from the Urgals, and now Brom is really not happy. If the Urgals have a powerful leader, that's not good news.
  • They hit the road again, but now Brom spends his time running Eragon through complicated mental exercises to try to train his mind as well as his body.