Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 32

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 32

The Mire of Dras-Leona

  • As they continue to travel, the road becomes more crowded. Saphira has to stay hidden during the day.
  • They soon make it to Dras-Leona. While they never cross any tracks, it's clear that this place is on the wrong side of the tracks.
  • For scenery, there's a group of jagged mountains called Helgrind that overlooks the town. Brom says that it's an "unhealthy and malevolent" place (32.14). The locals worship it, though, with blood sacrifices. The priests lop off their limbs to give to the mountains, and spend their time arguing about which of its peaks should be included in their worship. Well then.
  • Dras-Leona is dirty. And stinky. And filled with beggars. 
  • They find a greasy tavern with a cheap room. The food is no good, but the beer! The beer is quite something. Eragon and Brom drink a whole bunch of it. 
  • Then it's time for bed.