Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 33

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 33

Trail of Oil

  • Eragon wakes up and it's like The Hangover, Part 3. Well, not that bad, but he's moving slowly.
  • Brom is in worse shape, but they manage to get their act together and go searching for where the Seithr oil might have been delivered.
  • At lunch, they've still had no luck. They decide to split up.
  • Eventually, Eragon learns of a warehouse where the oil was taken. 
  • When he meets up with Brom, Brom has learned that the king himself is coming to Dras-Leona.
  • They will want to make themselves scarce before he shows up.
  • Brom's also learned that the oil is taken from the warehouse to the palace. From there, it's taken periodically by slaves up to Helgrind, along with two weeks' worth of provisions. Hmm…
  • The Ra'zac must be up there on Helgrind. But how will they get to them?
  • Eragon suggests that they pose as the two slaves and see what's going down. Risky, says, Brom, but intriguing.
  • When Eragon relays all of this mentally to Saphira, he suggests that they can head home, after they fill the Ra'zac full of righteous arrows.
  • Saphira basically says, "get real, dude. You won't be safe back in Carvahall. Either go into hiding or join the Varden.."
  • Eragon picks… the Varden.