Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 34

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 34

Worshippers of Helgrind

  • When Eragon wakes the next day, there's a note from Brom: hang out in town, keep your nose clean, and don't go anywhere without your bow.
  • Eragon wanders around Dras-Leona to check things out. 
  • Hey! There's an auction going on. He wonders what they're sell—eesh. It's a slave auction. Not good.
  • Eragon's about to blast it with some magic, but then he remembers what happened the last time he tried that.
  • He thinks about using his powers with Saphira to help out people like the slaves here.
  • Eragon comes to a creepy cathedral and walks on in. The cathedral has tall stained glass windows. But the windows, "[depict] scenes of anger, hate, and remorse" (34.14). Not so nice.
  • Nonetheless, Eragon kneels at the altar and bows his head in a sign of respect. When he stands up, though, some familiar figures are in the doorway to the cathedral. The Ra'zac! Dun dun dun.
  • Eragon greets them by firing arrows their way. They're too fast, though. Then he realizes that he's got to warn Brom. Time to get out of there.
  • He runs out the back of the cathedral, using magic to blast open a locked door, only to find himself in a garden surrounded by high walls. Trapped!
  • Nope, not Eragon. He manages to scramble over the wall and takes off running. The Ra'zac are close on his heels.
  • He manages to escape them and meets up with Brom back at the inn. They jump on their horses and haul butt for the city gates.
  • Not so fast, though. A line of soldiers is blocking their way when they get to the gate.
  • Brom is on it, though. He uses magic to knock the soldiers down, while Eragon uses magic to stop the gate from closing. They escape!
  • They meet up with Saphira and Eragon hops on. Brom takes the horse and keeps on truckin'.
  • They flee for a while, but then a wicked storm comes up. They take shelter for the night from the driving wind.
  • So much for Dras-Leona, says Brom. They can't go back there for a while. They should be on guard for the Ra'zac, who must be out hunting them.
  • Eragon thinks he sees something, but then it disappears. The next thing he knows, the back of his head erupts in pain. 
  • Saphira roars. 
  • Eragon passes out. (Man, that happens a lot.)