Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 36

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 36


  • When Eragon wakes up, there's a campfire going. Sitting near it is a stranger with a "serious face and fierce eyes […] framed by locks of brown hair. He [appears] to be a few years older than Eragon and perhaps an inch or so taller" (36.6).
  • Dude says his name is Murtagh. He's also an enemy of the Ra'zac.
  • Eragon uses magic to untie himself. He's in bad shape. Brom, meanwhile, is in even worse shape. The dagger went right between his ribs.
  • Eragon needs to heal Brom with magic, but he's too weak. Saphira offers to lend him her power to cast the spell. 
  • With her help, he heals Brom's wound, but only the surface.
  • Eragon's really weak, so Murtagh offers him some soup. Soup! It always makes us feel better.
  • After his soup, Eragon says that they need to get out of there, before the Ra'zac come back with their buddies.
  • Brom can't ride, but Saphira can carry him in a litter (like a makeshift stretcher).
  • Eragon tells Murtagh to go his own way, to save himself from the danger that he and Brom (and Saphira) are in.
  • Murtagh says thanks but no thanks. Besides, they need his help, and he wants to see what kind of interesting things happen to a real, live Dragon Rider. 
  • Suit yourself, Murtagh.
  • They ride through the night and come to a sandstone cave around dawn.
  • They make camp in the cave and grab a bite to eat. Brom refuses to drink water.
  • Everyone sleeps.