Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 37

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 37

Legacy of a Rider

  • Saphira wakes Eragon. Brom is having a fit, thrashing around. He's burning hot to the touch.
  • He holds Brom down, then Brom wakes up for a minute. He wants some wine.
  • It's not to drink, though. He tells Eragon to wash his right hand with it. Um, okay.
  • As he does, he recognizes a gedwëy ignasia on Brom's palm.
  • That's right; Brom used to be a Rider, too. And his dragon's name was… Saphira. She was killed when she was young, though. 
  • Brom says that it's important that Eragon look after his Saphira. He also says that he hasn't got much time left. He offers Eragon a blessing.
  • Eragon accepts and Brom says seven magical words to him, then he translates them for Eragon. We're not told what they mean, though. (Come on!) Eragon is only to use them in great need.
  • Brom slips back to sleep, and eventually he dies. 
  • Eragon decides that, despite the risk, they have to bury him.
  • He uses his magic to craft a sandstone vault for Brom, then he sets some commemorative runes into the stone.
  • That night, he dreams of the imprisoned woman again. We're starting to think this means something.