Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 38

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 38

Diamond Tomb

  • Eragon wakes up and is pretty bummed out. He wants to know why this stuff keeps happening to him.
  • Murtagh comes over. He asks if that was the same Brom who killed Morzan. 
  • Yes indeedy, replies Eragon. How does Murtagh know about him?
  • It turns out that Murtagh had heard rumors of a new Rider, and so he followed the Ra'zac to see if it was true.
  • Eragon tries to read Murtagh's mind, but he is blocked by a solid wall of mental defense.
  • Eragon picks up his sword, Zar'roc. He belts it on and decides that he's a fully-fledged Rider now.
  • Brom asks to see the sword. He recognizes it. It used to belong to… Morzan!
  • Eragon is a bit put off that the sword probably was used to kill good men, but he decides to use it anyway, at least until he can find a suitable replacement. 
  • Murtagh offers to help Eragon on his quest, but he warns him that it might be dangerous.
  • Eragon's response? Danger is my middle name! Eragon Danger… well, okay, it's his last name then.
  • Saphira comes back. She misses Brom. So does Eragon. 
  • It turns out that Saphira knew that Brom was a rider all along. She kept it secret because Brom told her to. He also told her where to find the Varden: a man named Dormnad, who lives in Gil'ead, can show them.
  • Off to Gil'ead they'll go, then. Eragon hopes to encounter the imprisoned woman of his dreams along the way.
  • Murtagh says he'll go with them, but he won't be going to see the Varden. Too dangerous, he says.
  • Before they head out, Saphira touches Brom's tomb with the tip of her nose. The tomb is transformed into "a sparkling gemstone vault" (38.59).
  • Now Brom can rest in peace forever more.