Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 4

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 4

Fate's Gift

  • When Eragon returns home that night, he decides to check out the stone some more. He bangs on it a bit, but can't chip the surface. 
  • Oh, then he hears a squeak coming from inside the stone. NBD.
  • He wonders if he was meant to have the stone—maybe it really is magical. This is a kid with dreams.
  • Later that night, a loud squeaking wakes Eragon up. This ain't no mouse we're talking about. 
  • He looks around in the darkness, but can't see a thing. As he gets up, he realizes that the squeaking is coming from inside the stone. Hmmm.
  • Eragon has about had it with this magical rock that can't be sold and is now acting like a busted alarm clock. 
  • He tries to go back to sleep, but he wakes up a while later. Yup, it's the stone again. This time, it's rocking wildly back and forth.
  • As he gets up, the stone rocks off the shelf and rolls toward him.
  • It starts to crack open, and… out pops a baby dragon. 
  • Whoa.