Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 42

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 42

A Warrior and a Healer

  • Saphira is forced to land, not too far from Gil'ead.
  • Luckily, they've made it to their horses. 
  • Eragon inspects her wounds and heals what he can. They need to pull an arrow out of her wing. Saphira bites down on a tree as they do.
  • Once that ordeal is over, they mount up on the horses and Saphira takes to the air. They can see a group of horsemen who have been sent out to look for them, so they race through the night.
  • In the morning, they're bushed. Time for camp. 
  • Saphira shows up and inspects the elf, wondering why the elf is still unconscious. It's a mystery.
  • Eragon asks to be caught up on current events.
  • It turns out that the Urgals and the Shade are working for the Empire. Boo. So that means that the Urgal's master is King Galbatorix.
  • Eragon thinks that the people of the Empire will rebel if they learn that their king is in cahoots with baddies like Shades and Urgals. Murtagh is skeptical. The king can rule them with terror and threats. Plus, he could turn them against a common enemy like the elves or the Varden.
  • Regardless of all that, Eragon thanks Murtagh for saving his life.
  • As they prepare camp and settle the elf, Murtagh and Eragon notice that she's covered in bruises, scabs, and burns. They also notice a tattoo on her shoulder that matches the symbol on Brom's ring. Eragon silently swears to avenge her.
  • Eragon, together with Saphira's power, manages to work some healing magic on the elf. It takes him a while, but he manages to help. Still, he's not sure that the elf will survive.
  • Eragon needs rest, but they have to keep moving. He'll eat and sleep in the saddle.