Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 43

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 43

Water from Sand

  • They travel all day, taking long detours to avoid detection. There's been no change in the elf's condition.
  • Murtagh and Eragon are stuck. They aren't gaining any ground on their pursuers, but they're not sure what to do about it. They can't travel any faster than they're going now. It's time for a new plan.
  • Murtagh suggests they leave the Empire. The Hadarac Desert is lovely this time of year! 
  • Actually, it's not. It's a vast wasteland, filled with poisonous critters and baked by a blistering sun. There's a good reason why it's not part of the Empire.
  • Still, it's an empty, vast wasteland, where it will be easier to hide.
  • How will they survive there, though? 
  • Daunted, Eragon goes to scratch around in the dirt. Try it, Shmoopers—it's really a good way to think things through. 
  • He notices that water seeps into the furrows he's made. Eureka! That's it. If they go to the desert, he can use magic to force water to the surface.
  • Eragon tells Murtagh that their problem is solved. Off to Hadarac they go.