Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 44

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 44

The Ramr River

  • The next morning, they start out toward the desert. They end up tying the elf to Saphira's belly in order to transport her. Thanks, but we'll stick with coach.
  • They take off at a good clip, stopping only to let the horses eat and drink. Saphira's nose sniffs out two potential ambushes, and they try to stay off the main trail after that.
  • Eventually, they near the Ramr River. It curves around both to their left and right. They decide to camp during the day and start back again when night falls.
  • When they wake, Saphira's still worried about the still-unconscious elf. There's not much they can do, though. 
  • They make it down to the Ramr, which is wide, deep, and fast-moving. There's no good place to cross anywhere near. How will they ford the river?
  • Saphira offers to shuttle them over, but Murtagh is worried about the horses. The dragon already makes them nervous. He's guessing getting picked up and carried over the water is not going to sit too well with either of them.
  • There's nothing else to do, though, so the horses are booked on the dragon-shuttle. They kick and scream, but soon it's all over and everyone's on the far side of the river.
  • Once they're safely across, it's time for more traveling. Everyone is super-duper tired, but they press on…
  • …until they reach the Hadarac Desert.