Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 7

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 7

A Name of Power

  • Eragon is heading home with Roran, who tells him that he got a job offer with a miller named Dempton. Eragon is shocked to hear that he's going to take the job. After all, it means leaving Carvahall and his family.
  • Still, Roran needs the money. For what, you ask? He wants to marry Katrina.
  • Eragon is sad to hear this, but it makes sense to him. He doesn't think Garrow's going to take it well, though.
  • When Eragon gets home, he goes out into the woods and confides in the dragon. He's majorly bummed about Roran's leaving. The dragon is a good listener.
  • Then Eragon decides that the dragon needs a name. (Thanks, Eragon! We were getting tired of calling it "the dragon" all this time.)
  • He goes through a bunch of the male names he got from Brom, but the dragon's not feeling them.
  • That's when Eragon realizes that the dragon is a she.
  • Finally, they settle on "Saphira" for her name. Whew.