Study Guide

Eragon Chapter 8

By Christopher Paolini

Chapter 8

A Miller-to-Be

  • At dinner, Roran breaks the news to Garrow about his new job. 
  • Roran and Eragon are expecting the worst, but Garrow is actually okay with it: "It's life's natural course," he says (8.12).
  • Roran is leaving in two weeks, but in the meantime Eragon feels bummed out and awkward around his cousin.
  • On the bright side, Saphira is getting bigger. Eragon can now sit on her, in the hollow between her neck and shoulders. 
  • They spend a lot of time together. Eragon teaches her new words, and she teaches him about how a dragon thinks and behaves.
  • Eragon struggles to find a good time to tell his family about Saphira. It's never a good time to break the I've-been-raising-a-baby-dragon news.
  • He finally decides to tell Roran the night before he's about to leave for the miller job. When he gets to Roran's room, though, Eragon sees him start to pack a gift that Eragon gave him: a polished rock. (We're guessing that iGadgets and video games weren't around in Alagaësia.)
  • Something stops Roran, though, and he puts the rock back on the shelf.
  • Eragon is now super-bummed, and he leaves.