Study Guide

Eragon Language and Communication

By Christopher Paolini

Language and Communication

Language and communication? Seriously? In a book about dragons? Well, hear us out. We'd like to proclaim (hold on while we grab our megaphone) that language and communication bring the fantasy to life in Eragon. Ever wondered how to say "rock" in dwarvish? How about the magic word for "fire"? This book has the answers—just flip to the glossary at the back. No joke. This book comes with its own stinkin' glossary.

Not only do we get strange, new languages in Eragon, but we also get new modes of communication. Eragon and Saphira have a mental bond that allows them to communicate telepathically, for crying out loud. That's some serious communication if you ask us. In the end, the way our hero talks to his dragon and to the rest of the world is a direct reflection of both his own power and the power of communication in general.

Questions About Language and Communication

  1. If magic is just a language, as Brom teaches, then why can't everyone learn it?
  2. How does Eragon's mental link with Saphira differ from the other mental links he experiences in the book? 
  3. How much of Eragon's power comes from his ability to link minds with his dragon, and how much is his own innate strength? 50/50 split? More? Less? 
  4. What would it take to truly understand a person, the way Eragon and Saphira truly understand each other? 

Chew on This

Eragon's true power comes from his ability to link minds and communicate with every living being.

In Eragon, magic is not some crazy power that comes from a wand. It's the natural result of truly understanding the world and being able to express that understanding in words.