Study Guide

Agape in The Faerie Queene

By Edmund Spenser

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Agape, like Cymoent, is another member of the neurotic-parenting club. Fairy mother of Priamond, Dyamond, and Triamond, she is terrified by their desire to become knights and charges off to find out how long they will live. Pained to find out how short two of their lives will be, she's instrumental in (quite literally) interweaving their fates together by asking that the life-force of one dead brother be passed to the next (alive) brother.

This spell ultimately allows Triamond to be victorious over Cambell and thus gives Agape a central position in the formation of their friendship. While mother figures don't always get such a good rep in The Faerie Queene, Agape ultimately proves the maternal interference can have positive effects in the careers of knights.

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