Study Guide

Aladine and Aldus in The Faerie Queene

By Edmund Spenser

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Aladine and Aldus

Aladine, son of Aldus, is injured by a proud knight who is after his sweetheart, Priscilla. He and Priscilla are caught off guard while having a private moment, which is why Aladine wasn't wearing any armor, and thus his injury is a more severe version of the intrusion of the public into the private that is also explored with Serena and Calepine.

Unlike Serena, however, who can find no place to recover from her wounds because Turpine refuses to let her in, Aladine is luckily able to make it back to the castle of Aldus, his father, where he is tended by Priscilla and ultimately heals. The private world of the family, therefore, triumph over the near-fatal intrusion of the public.

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