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Briana & Crudor in The Faerie Queene

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Briana & Crudor

Talk about a couple with relationship issues. Briana is head over heels for Crudor, but Crudor won't marry her until she's sown him a blanket made from human hair that she cuts off of poor, unsuspecting passersby. Just… yuck.

This bizarre and violating custom that they enforce on anyone trying to pass through their kingdom is a total affront to the courtesy that Calidore represents, and so he naturally puts a stop to it.

But, ever courteous, Calidore arranges a marriage between Briana and Crudor (blanket-of-hair-free!), which allows Calidore to part from them on good terms and hopefully leaves them to live happily-ever-after… presumably after some serious couples therapy. The non-violent, happy resolution Calidore enables in this episode, one of the first in Book 6, signals a change in tone from the often very violent and destructive conflict-resolution that went on in Book 5. Since Calidore's courtesy is replacing Artegall's justice, things take on a milder and more light-hearted tone.

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