Study Guide

Clarin or Clarinda in The Faerie Queene

By Edmund Spenser

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Clarin or Clarinda

Handmaiden to Radigund and go-between for her and Artegall, Clarinda is just further proof that the Amazons represent improper female rule. Even though she is described as "trusty" (V.v.43), she quickly proves she isn't when she falls in love with Artegall too and tries to woo him for herself instead of for her mistress Radigund.

Her inability to carry our orders from above, and her irrational and consuming romantic attachment to Artegall, suggest a hypocrisy in the Amazons who profess to hate men but throughout their literary portrays, always end up falling in love with men. Clarinda and her mistress Radigund are excellent examples of this.

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