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The Faerie Queene Book 4, Canto 11

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Book 4, Canto 11

  • Our narrator laments that he's left Florimell, the real Florimell, so long in pain as the captive of Proteus, deep in a dark dungeon away from the whole world, pressured by him to give him her love.
  • She endured all this for her love for Marinell, who didn't return her love at all because he had promised to never love any woman.
  • Marinell is meanwhile languishing from the serious wound he received from Britomart and his mother searches everywhere for a cure.
  • Finally, she asks Typhon, the surgeon of the sea-world, to help her son and he is able to bring Marinell back to full health.
  • But his mother keeps Marinell with her against his will since she is so terrified that another injury will befall him.
  • But one day there is a great banquet of all the sea gods to honor the marriage of Thames and Medway (two major rivers in England). They decide to have the wedding reception in Proteus' house.
  • A huge number of guests attend including Neptune, the god of the seas, and his queen Amphitrite. There's also Triton, many famous Greek and Roman sea gods, many Oceans, many Rivers in England and Ireland, and many sea nymphs and finally, the mother of Marinell, Cymodoce herself.

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