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The Faerie Queene Book 6, Proem

By Edmund Spenser

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Book 6, Proem

  • The last installment in this truly epic epic is called "The Sixthe Booke of the Faerie Queene. Contayning the Legend of S. Calidore, Or of Courtesie."
  • Even though it's long, hard work writing this poem, our narrator doesn't mind because he enjoys being in Faerie Land so much.
  • Poetry in general really is one of the greatest gifts around, and our narrator calls on the aid of the Muses (goddesses of the arts and sciences) to help him write.
  • He needs them to reveal to him the virtue of courtesy, which was so much better back in the day than it is in our present world. As was everything, according to Dr. Nostalgiapants Spenser.
  • Well, with one exception: the Queen herself. The Queen is filled with courtesy.

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