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Brew in Fallen Angels

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Brew is a soldier who wants to be a preacher—he's even applying to theology school. He mostly shows up when Perry's thinking about religion.

Brew believes that "If you turn to God, he'll take away your doubts" (4.33), and he lends Perry his bible so he can learn some prayers. But he's not holier-than-thou. He's nervous about going to theology school because "From what I heard about New York, the temptations might be too great for me." (4.28). He also admits that he'd considered deserting when he'd gotten drafted, and that the only thing that stopped him was, "I didn't have the nerve." (12.17)

That's pretty down-to-earth. Brew's a guy who wants to serve God, but knows and admits to his limitations.

This is probably a good time to remind you that the title of this book is called Fallen Angels. If a character's associated with religion, they're probably doomed.

That's right—Brew dies. He screams to God when he's hit, and dies in a medical chopper while holding Perry's hand.

The other soldiers take his death really hard. Johnson even refuses to admit that Brew is gone, preferring to believe that he was sent back home. And on what would have been Brew's nineteenth birthday, the soldiers eat cake in his honor. Sweet dessert, bittersweet moment.

He's a classic example of a fallen angel: a good young man who died in the war. Better break out the tissues.

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