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Fallen Angels Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • The squad goes to a cemetery by the village where the Vietcong were rumored to come in. They set up and lie in wait. Time to get cozy.
  • It gets dark. Perry can't see his fellow soldiers, much less the Vietcong. Campfire anyone?
  • Then they hear a few men talking in Vietnamese. They shoot in that direction. Brunner sends up a flare and they see the dead bodies of the people they shot.
  • Peewee finds a tunnel in the ground. Simpson throws a grenade in the tunnel and calls for the people inside to move out. Things are getting tense up in here.
  • They hear a pop, and Lieutenant Carroll falls. Uh oh. They fire madly into the village.
  • A chopper comes to pick them up, shooting down at the villagers running for their lives.
  • If this were a movie, you'd be on the edge of your seat right now. In case you weren't already.
  • They all travel to Chu Lai to stay with Carroll. Shortly after getting there, they're told he didn't make it.
  • Monaco says the "angel warriors" prayer. If you need to reach for the tissues, we understand.

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