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Fallen Angels Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • A soldier named Walowick gets his mail, which includes a college course catalog and a newspaper. The newspaper leads to conversation about people burning their draft cards or fleeing to Canada to get out of serving in the army.
  • Some people, like Brunner, hate the guys who do that, while others admit they don't know which way is right. Brew said he almost went to Canada when he was drafted, but didn't have the nerve.
  • And that just there was a heavy moral debate. You're welcome.
  • That night, a bomb hits their hooch. They're all shaken, but obviously relieved to be alive . Captain Stewart starts going on again about how they should be more aggressive.
  • Perry talks with Johnson about the war protesters back home. Johnson thinks Perry is trying to figure out who are the good guys. Neither of them can figure out, and Johnson doesn't see the point in trying.
  • So much for the thrill of debate.

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