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Fallen Angels Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Monaco gets a letter from his girlfriend, asking if he wants to marry her when he gets back. Monaco puts it to a vote, and the squad votes in favor of him getting married.
  • Kids, don't try this way of deciding whether to get married at home.
  • Perry gets called in by Captain Stewart again. Stewart asks him what happened with Gearhart and Perry tells him the story. Stewart wants to list a high body count, but Perry had no way to see how many people were killed.
  • Stewart also gives him Gearhart's letter to the family of Turner, the guy who died, for him to rewrite it. Gearhart had written that Turner's death was all his fault, but Perry rewrites it to say that Turner died defending everyone else.
  • Back to the warzone. They get orders to protect a hamlet that is being harassed by the Vietcong. When they get there, the Vietcong have already attacked, and villagers' bodies are everywhere.
  • The squad pretty much freaks out. Walowick shoots at an overturned drum until Simpson grabs him and forces him to calm down. Eventually Simpson gets his men to bandage the wounded and put out fires.
  • Perry and the others walk into each hut to evacuate the unharmed people. Perry goes to find a girl he saw the last time he visited the village, and is relieved that she and her grandmother are okay.
  • When Perry walks into the next hut, a Vietcong shows up and tries to shoot Perry, but his gun doesn't go off.
  • That's lucky and all, but Perry is still freaking. He shoots the Vietcong for longer than necessary, and then when he sees the body, he vomits his guts out. Trauma can do that.
  • Simpson gets Peewee to calm him down.
  • Simpson orders them to evacuate and burns the rest of the village down, rather than going into each hut and risking being ambushed by Vietcong. When two Vietcong soldiers emerge from the fire, one of the women from the village stabs him before the soldiers shoot him. You go, girl.
  • The choppers take them back to base. When they arrive, Peewee's legs won't work. They check them and they're fine, medically speaking. Peewee says he just needs a cigarette, and after smoking one, he can walk.
  • It's not a real cure for leg failure. Everyone's just messed up in their own little way.
  • That night, Perry tells Peewee that he'd be dead if the enemy's gun had worked. He cries and Peewee sleeps next to him.
  • Their next assignment is to act as advisers to ARVN (South Vietnamese army) troops in a place called Tam Ky. Not good—Tam Ky is near where a lot of the fighting is.
  • Oh, and Jamal, the medic, is ordered to go with them.
  • That night, Perry dreams of the man who almost killed him. With dreams like that, going to school in your underwear sounds like a good day.

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