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Fallen Angels Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • Perry tries to write a letter to Kenny about killing the Vietcong soldier. He wants Kenny to know, and to think he's a good soldier, but he doesn't know how to word it. "Hey kid brother, I killed a guy" just isn't as easy to write as you'd think.
  • Their new hooch outside of Tam Ky is pretty janky. No generator, and the whole thing would go down if they were hit. Not promising.
  • Their first assignment while there? An ambush. At night, the squad and the ARVN hide out in tall grass and wait. Not scary at all.
  • A group of Vietcongs arrive the distance. Perry is ready to shoot, but the order isn't given. Which ends up being a good thing, because more and more start coming through—way more than the ambush squad. If Gearhart had given the order to fire, they would've all been killed.
  • That means the new lieutenant is starting to actually prove himself. Way to go, Gearhart.
  • They head back to base.
  • Simpson extends his stay thirty more days, and soon he gets into a fight with Captain Stewart about Stewart volunteering his men everywhere. Stewart says if he didn't want to fight, he shouldn't have extended.
  • They stay in the hooch for a week, and then are assigned to another ambush.
  • This time they aren't so lucky. While they're checking snake holes, the Vietcong opens fire on them.
  • Perry and the others shoot back, but when it's time to retreat, Perry can't move. His leg is hit, then his wrist.
  • Brew doesn't do too well either. He's hit too, and he's the last guy Perry sees before he's dragged away. Oh, the drama.

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