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Fallen Angels Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • In the chopper, Perry's being worked on next to Brew. They hold hands, but Brew can't breathe. Perry hears the zip of Brew's body bag. You can imagine that tiny violin playing again.
  • When Perry wakes up again, he's in a hospital. His wounds actually aren't too bad—shrapnel in his side and left leg, splinters in his groin, and a concussion. All healable. Yay! Oh wait—that means he'll probably have to go back to combat. Not yay.
  • Perry shuffles around the hospital for a few days. He reads books to a blinded man from Vegas named Joe Derby. People keep talking about him, saying that guys from the boonies are kind of messed up. Rude.
  • Perry sees Judy Duncan, the woman he met at the beginning. He's embarrassed, because he feels slow. Judy gets it, though, and she even kisses him. Aw.
  • Perry gets a Purple Heart and sends it to his brother Kenny. Double aw.
  • Then, Perry gets orders to rejoin the unit. Not aw. The idea of going back makes him so scared and upset that he throws up. But eventually, he gets on the plane. What else can he do?

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