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Fallen Angels Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • On base, a soldier is hit in the butt by a sniper. Funnily enough, everyone congratulates him. Not because he got it in the butt, which is kind of funny too, but because now he'll get out of combat for a while.
  • The sniper tries to hit him again as he gets onto the medical plane—sheesh, trying to get a guy while he's down—but the other soldiers kill the sniper.
  • Captain Stewart and a colonel of the ARVN argue over whose group should go first in a takeover of a hill overlooking the village Phuoc Ha Two. Stewart doesn't volunteer his men to go first, so you know it's dangerous.
  • Stewart loses the fight and Perry's squad tries to take the hill. Sounds scary, but they make it to their destination without being shot at once. Sweet. Even when they try to shoot to draw attention to themselves, they get nothing. Super sweet.
  • They make it back. Now the ARVN colonel wants his troops to go first, so they can get the credit in the report. They lead and Perry's squad follows.
  • The ARVN? Not so lucky. By the time they reach the rice paddies that are halfway there, they're ambushed with mortar shells and gunfire.
  • Perry's squad manages to take cover, but Stewart tells them they have to take the nearby village, which is the closest place for choppers to land. Ugh.
  • They fight their way toward the village, fighting the Vietcong. It's one of those fiery, shooting-everywhere, screams-aplenty movie battle scenes again.
  • Inside the village, Perry and some other soldiers chase down two Vietcong soldiers who are dragging an American soldier, whose finger they'd cut off. Ouch.
  • One Vietcong soldier is shot first, and the other puts his hands up. Perry sees that he's young and scared, just like him. That's the crazy thing about war: you can see similarities even in your enemy.
  • Perry kills him anyway. It is war, after all.
  • They secure a perimeter around the village. Another day, another victory. Such as it is.
  • Peewee and Perry head to the medical tent to see Dongan, who they hear has been hit. He's completely missing one of his legs, and isn't doing too well.
  • Peewee and Perry watch as he kicks the bucket. (It's a metaphor, so it doesn't matter that he was missing a leg.)

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