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Fallen Angels Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • When the chopper finally arrives, the ARVN troops surround the Americans because they want to get lifted out first.
  • Can't have that. The Americans hold up their hands to show who they are and the chopper shoots toward the ARVN. The Americans get on board and get out.
  • Someone really needs to go over the whole "taking turns" concept with these guys.
  • They're supposed to sleep when they get back, but it's not easy. Would you be able to catch some Z's after a day like that?
  • As if it wasn't hard enough, Monaco starts shooting at nothing, claiming he sees some Vietcong invaders. The others calm him down.
  • Walowick later tells Perry that the same thing happened to him once—seeing something that wasn't there. Could it be a side effect of the trauma of war?
  • Gearhart writes three letters to his wife. He gives one to Perry and one to Walowick to mail in case he dies. It's a little morbid, but then, this war isn't fooling around.
  • Peewee (the little sneak) gets Walowick to open the letter. There isn't much that's private in there, just details about the paperboy and sliding doors in their house. Maybe it's an inside joke? On the more personal side, Gearhart tells his wife to tell the kids he loves them. Aw.
  • Perry wishes he had someone waiting for him, and so decides to write to Kenny. He tries to tell him that the war is about killing and not getting killed, but in a way that doesn't idealize it. It's tough.
  • The guys joke about the body count Stewart claimed: 433 Vietcong killed.
  • Speak of the devil, Captain Stewart comes in with a new assignment. Party pooper.
  • The assignment: to patrol the region east of the firebase at the end of the valley.
  • No one likes this idea. What's worse, no one trusts Stewart.

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