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Fallen Angels Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • Perry and Peewee are afraid to go down toward where they heard shooting, so they wait on the ridge as night falls.
  • Soon, they hear voices speaking in Vietnamese. They shoot in their direction, which they should know by now is kind of a dumb idea if you don't know how many of the enemy there are.
  • Turns out it's a ton. Perry and Peewee run in the opposite direction.
  • They find a Vietcong spider hole to hide in. Not the smartest thing to do, since the Vietcong know where it is, but it's not like they have safer options.
  • Peewee and Perry wait in the hole overnight. As far as slumber parties go, it's horribly low on pizza and high on worrying about death.
  • Toward the morning, a guy keeps poking a gun into their hole. Doesn't he know that's not polite?
  • Eventually they shoot him, pull him in, and Peewee strangles him. Not exactly polite either, but hey, trying to survive here.
  • They struggle out of the hole. They see a farmer and aim at him, but the farmer ducks underwater, so they move on.
  • They approach the landing zone and see Monaco sitting on the ground with his gun feet away from him. Tsk tsk, Monaco.
  • They realize that Vietcong soldiers are hiding in the bushes with a gun pointed at him. Ah, that explains it. The Vietcongs are waiting for the chopper to arrive so they can fire at the guys inside.
  • Peewee and Perry wait too, hoping to help out Monaco. As the chopper pulls in, they fire at the Vietcongs in the bushes.
  • Peewee, Perry, and Monaco make it onto the chopper. Sigh of relief. But Perry gets hit in the leg as the chopper pulls away.

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