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Fallen Angels Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

  • Now they're in the hospital. Yay, sort of (hey, at least it's not a mission).
  • Monaco explains that the rest of the squad ran away from the gunfire, but Monaco was hit and came to just as the choppers were leaving. Talk about bad timing. He stayed near the pickup zone until the Vietcong found him.
  • Peewee's in surgery and Perry is waiting to go in for his own operation. He's worried about amputation.
  • Turns out he only has a fracture. Yay, for real this time.
  • Chatting with Monaco again. He doesn't know how to thank Perry for saving his life. Which is basically a thank you in itself.
  • Health updates: Peewee will be sent home after surgery, and Perry doesn't know if he'll be sent home yet.
  • Peewee's advice: pretend to be crazy so he won't have to go back. Hey, it could work.
  • Then the doctor tells Perry he shouldn't have been in combat in the first place because he had a medical profile. Hey, better two hospitalizations and countless battles later than never.
  • When Perry and Peewee are about to be sent home, they grab a drink with Monaco, who has to return to the squad. Sucks for Monaco.
  • Perry pays a man to look up Judy Duncan for him. The man finds out that Judy was transferred to a field hospital that got hit, and Judy died there.
  • Bummer.
  • Perry and Peewee board a plane back home. It's weirdly normal.
  • You'd think Perry would never want to think about war again, but he's getting his daydream on. He imagines that he's back with his squad on a mission and that all the men who died—Carroll, Dongan, Jenkins, Turner, Lewis, and Brew—are there behind Johnson, watching over them.

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