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Fallen Angels Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Brunner and Monaco get into a fight, and Monaco throws a grenade at Brunner. Everyone in the bunk screams and dives, but nothing goes off. Sigh of relief.
  • Turns out the grenade had no powder in it. Still, Brunner yells at Monaco that he's a kid, not a soldier. Throwing empty grenades is definitely kids' stuff.
  • The platoon is sent into a Vietnamese village for a pacification mission, where they have to go into each hut with gifts. Sounds nice, but it's also a trick to look like good guys so they can check if any Vietcongs are hiding in the houses.
  • Brunner takes a statue from one of the huts. (So much for giving gifts.) Perry yells at him for this, and Brunner steps up to him threateningly, but then Johnson comes out of nowhere and takes Perry's side. Johnson's huge, so Brunner backs down. Thanks, Johnson.
  • They find a hut that sells salves, and Peewee wants to buy some. He goes back with Perry to the house and they pantomime to communicate what each salve is supposed to do. Peewee buys foot powder and hair-growing powder. Apparently the army's all about fighting, toughness, and…foot cream.
  • Back at base, the mail arrives. Lobel is angry about a letter from his father asking how he could kill innocent people. He's especially mad because he joined the army in the first place to convince his dad that he wasn't gay.
  • Perry gets a letter from Kenny asking for ten dollars to join a kids' basketball league. He sends Kenny a twenty. Good brother.
  • Women from the Red Cross visit. One woman asks Perry what he wants to do when he gets out and he feels embarrassed that he doesn't know. He remembers how he once told his guidance counselor he wanted to be a philosopher and she laughed. (Ouch.)
  • The platoon gets word that another patrol went into the village they just left and two men were shot on their way in. Sergeant Simpson thinks they were shot because the Vietcong punishes them for taking anything from Americans. (At least it's not because Brunner took the statue from them.)
  • Then they're ordered to go back into the village. Uh oh.

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