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Fallen Angels Friendship

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Friendship doesn't feel like a strong enough word for the relationship the men in Perry's platoon develop with each other. Brotherhood, maybe? These guys have survived together, saved each other's lives, comforted each other in what seems like a pretty hopeless situation. In a world full of danger, they need each other. That's beyond BFFs.

But they're soldiers, so they don't make friendship bracelets about it. Most of the time, their bond is unspoken. But occasionally, they'll let themselves cry in front of each other, or they'll hold hands, because they're terrified and need some sort of comfort. For Perry, there's no one more important—in the war, anyway—than Peewee. Maybe they'll make the bracelets once they get home?

Questions About Friendship

  1. What are some of the ways the guys in Perry's platoon show that they care about each other?
  2. List the men in Perry's platoon in order of how close Perry is to them.
  3. What do the men in Perry's platoon do to honor their friends who have died?
  4. Why doesn't Monaco say goodbye to Perry and Peewee in person?

Chew on This

Peewee is the reason why Perry survives the war—not just physically, but emotionally.

Johnson keeps the platoon together by protecting the black men within it.

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