Study Guide

Fallen What's Up With the Ending?

By Lauren Kate

What's Up With the Ending?

Since this book has to set the stage for the rest of the series, it's no surprise that the final chapter is pretty open-ended. More questions are brought forward than are answered, and Luce is left climbing into a helicopter with Mr. Cole with no idea where she's going next or when she'll see Daniel again.

Did anyone tell her parents where she's going?

Anyway, Mr. Cole takes Luce to a cabin off the coast, where she'll be safe while Daniel is tying up some loose ends, but we don't even know what these loose ends are or what Luce's next steps should be. At this point, since Luce has only just begun to see the truth of things, she's more confused than ever.

There's also the matter of that the battle that was waged over the course of the night. It has ground to a halt, but without knowing why the fallen angels were fighting in the first place, we're as in the dark as Luce is.

On top of that, we're left to puzzle out just how much of Luce's life has had magical angel influence. Not only Daniel and Cam, but also Arriane, Gabbe, Molly, and Miss Sophia were all involved in this epic battle for good and evil—and that leaves us to wonder, was any of it real?

And then there's Penn's death, which, on the heels of all of these other discoveries, has left us totally reeling. Poor Penn, the only human—besides Mr. Cole—who seemed so be genuinely nice and caring to Luce, had to get her throat slashed because Miss Sophia was impatient and knew Penn would only get in the way of her plan to finally kill Luce and get rid of her once and for all.

Did we mention how much we dislike Miss Sophia? We really don't like her.

The only way to find out how all of this plays out, of course, is to dig into the rest of the series. We'll meet you there—if you dare.