Study Guide

Fallen Gardens

By Lauren Kate


In Fallen, there are two garden-like places that draw our attention: the cemetery and the lake grotto. And—surprise, surprise—each one is associated with one of Luce's gentleman suitors.

And, of course, it's Cam who's associated with the cemetery, while dreamy Daniel gets the lake grotto.

But let's dig a little deeper. We already know that we should be looking out for biblical undertones, and hey—did someone say garden? Chances are we should be thinking a little about the Garden of Eden.

Cam's cemetery picnic focuses solely on the human, baser temptations and pleasures: food, human touch, and physical desire. These are all things that, biblically speaking, are pretty low on the good-person food chain. If they get out of control, they can even be pretty base. That's one reason why the main thing that happens during this picnic is that a snake intrudes. Symbolism much?

On the other hand, the watery grotto of sunlight and swan dives that Daniel is associated with seems pretty innocent. Daniel and Luce spend their time here talking and occasionally awkwardly touching, but that's about it. It's peaceful here, and there's an aura of clarity and enlightenment: it's here that Luce really feels like she's chipping away at the puzzle that is Daniel Grigori.

If Cam is the snake in this Biblical allegory, then Daniel is totally the Adam to Luce's Eve, enjoying a pre-original sin Garden of Eden together…except that, unlike Adam and Eve, they can go back to their air-conditioned dorm rooms and get a nice dinner when they're done.