Study Guide

Fallen Setting

By Lauren Kate


Old-Style Georgia

From the singing cicadas to the muggy, sticky air and the swampy marshlands, we pretty quickly find out that we couldn't be anywhere but Georgia. (Okay, maybe we could be in South Carolina. Whatever.) Seriously, we can almost hear the squelching of the muddy grasslands under the shoes of the students and feel the oppressive humidity of those sunny days. And don't even get us started on the swampy watering hole Cam invites Luce to, where the cigarette smoke and scratchy voices of the patrons feel so real it's like we're there.

If Sword & Cross and its surrounding environment don't conjure up images of a mossy historical prison with squat brick buildings, spiraling Gothic towers, and wrought iron gates blocking every entrance, then we don't know what will. If there were ever a place where fallen angels would hang out, this would probably be it.