Study Guide

Faculty in Fallen

By Lauren Kate


Aside from Miss Sophia, who is absolutely out there, the other faculty members at Sword & Cross seem blatantly, blandly miserable, probably as much as the students.

Randy, Mr. Cole, Ms. Tross, and Coach Diante are some of the motley administrative crew we get to meet during our time at Sword & Cross. Randy is a pretty tough lady, while Mr. Cole is boring and well-intentioned—and can apparently fly a plane, since he served in the air force (19.108). He's also apparently the only human at the school who knows that there are fallen angels milling about—and that Luce is the center of their feud.

Mr. Cole is probably an outlier among the members of the Sword & Cross, but we're grateful for him being there, even if he does force students to Venn diagram movies after the school socials on Wednesdays. No one's perfect, after all.