Study Guide

Fallen Light and Shadow

By Lauren Kate

Light and Shadow

Chapter 1

She took in the deep golden hair and matching tan. His high cheekbones, the dark sunglasses that covered his eyes, the soft shape of his lips. (1.173)

We figure out pretty quickly in that light and Daniel are practically the same thing. The initial description of his prefect face is no exception: with his golden hair and skin, he sounds like a sun god. Or maybe a Golden Graham.

Chapter 7

Luce stared at [Cam's] fingers wrapped around hers. She hadn't realized before how closely the shades of their skin matched. In a landscape of southern sunbathers, Luce's paleness had always made her feel self-conscious. But Cam's skin was so striking, so noticeable, almost metallic—and now she realized she might look the same to him. Her shoulders shivered and she felt a little dizzy. (7.46)

Here we have Daniel's opposite, Cam, pale and shadowy. He's still beautiful in a…metallic sort of way? But he's definitely not a golden boy. We know he's not a vampire, but he certainly borrowed from the vampire aesthetic.

Chapter 8

"She watched—feeling a confusing mix of deep embarrassment and even deeper temptation—as Daniel hoisted himself back up onto the shore. A shaft of sunlight bit through the trees and framed his silhouette with a glowing radiance, and Luce had to squint at the sight before her eyes…

The way the water shimmered in the sunlight, it almost looked like [Daniel] had wings. (8.159-163)

Here we get some more light imagery, but here it's used to prove a point and to indicate something that's been tickling the back of Luce's mind for quite some time now, even in her dreams. Is it too obvious for #spoileralert?

Chapter 10

Then there was a jagged stroke of light, something that looked like a tree trunk with branches—no, like a torso with long, broad limbs. A pulsing, almost violet column of light hovering over them. It made Luce think, absurdly, of Daniel. (10.147)

A complete juxtaposition against the shadows that were present only moments before, this glowing purple radiance saves Todd and Luce from the burning library. Luce probably thinks of Daniel because…maybe it was Daniel? Dun dun dun. Too bad Daniel couldn't be bothered to actually save Todd, but whatever, we quibble.

Chapter 11

There was only a little light left in the day. Luce felt a stabbing regret at wasting the sunset, as if there were anything she could do to stop it. Somehow she knew these final rays of light were as precious as the last drops of honey in a jar. (11.3)

Not only does this moment count as a nod to the scene at the library, but it also suggests that something about Luce is changing. If Daniel really is producing this bioluminescent glow behind him and is not a comet or a radioactive spider, then there's totally something supernatural going on with him.

Chapter 12

It was as if a violet glow illuminated his path back through the forest. Like the violet glow she had seen during the library fire. (12.128-129)

Just in case you needed another hint, we provided two. The radioactive spider guess is still on the table, but considering this wing imagery, it seems possible that he might be a radioactive swarmer ant, too. Or, you know, just your average fallen angel.

Chapter 15

She couldn't really make out her features in the mud-flecked windowpane, but the gold pendant gleamed on her warm skin. She pressed her hand to it. It was lovely." (15.41)

The glow from the pendant that Cam gives Luce is meant to allure and entice her—and it does its job. This scene plays into the idea of Cam as a seducing tempter, luring Luce with shiny things and false promises to make her feel wanted. Personally, we think Cam is trying to buy his way into Luce's heart, and he finds out quickly how well that goes over.

Chapter 18

Cam stepped into the clearing. His eyes were rimed with a thick, shimmering gold shadow, and it shone on his face in the moonlight, making him look like a wildcat. (18.88)

Finally, we begin to see the supernatural side of Cam: he's now flecked with a touch of gold, like Daniel has been this whole time. It's a drastic contrast for his image, but it does convey that now his fallen angel status is coming even further to the surface—and that maybe his motives are a bit more sinister than we initially thought.

Chapter 19

There were just the living opalescent shapes driving toward and around Luce's body, like a roomful of glowing feathers. They flocked to her, tending to her body in the places where the shattered glass had cut her. Swaths of gauzy light that seemed to somehow wash away the blood on her arms, and on the small gash on her chest, until she was fully restored. (19.56)

If there ever was a description of angelic beauty, this is it. When we customarily think of angels, we think of beauty, goodness and light. Check, check, double check: Lauren Kate's angels have it all. And some sass, to boot.