Study Guide

Fallen Chapter 11

By Lauren Kate

Chapter 11

Rude Awakening

  • When Luce wakes up, she images that Daniel is beside her, asking her if she's scared. We mean, wouldn't she be? She did just witness the library catching on fire.
  • Instead, Luce is just happy to be with Daniel, because for the first time ever he's not glaring at her or flipping her off or being evasive and rude. This is actually a nice surprise.
  • Luce also imagines Daniel with wings, soft and feathery and practically angelic.
  • More foreshadowing, perhaps? Or is Luce just daydreaming some more?
  • When Luce opens her eyes again, however, she's discouraged to learn that it's all been a dream: she's not in Daniel's arms—she's lying in a hospital, with Penn, Arriane, and even Gabbe around her.
  • The girls first ask if Luce feels okay before dropping the news on her that Todd is dead, having snapped his neck during their escape from the library.
  • For anyone out there who's counting, Luce's death-by-proxy count is now at two.
  • Luce is convinced that Todd saw the creepy shadows, too, and that's how he died—although because she didn't see him actually die, she can't conclusively prove that.
  • Penn, thankfully, is fine.
  • Geez, did Luce walk into a mirror store with a hammer one day? First Trevor, then the new school, then the statue debacle, now Todd? When is the nightmare of bad luck going to end?
  • Randy barges in to break up the conversation, and Luce spies a familiar-looking young man with a bouquet of white peonies in his hand.
  • Daniel? With peonies? How did he know they were Luce's favorite flower? Has he been doing a little stalking of his own, by any chance?
  • Luce, please focus on more important things, like the fact that the police might think it's a little suspicious that two boys died in fire-related accidents incredibly close to your person.
  • Miss Sophia allays Luce's fears that she had anything to do with Todd's death, but it doesn't squash Luce's guilt.
  • The police aren't convinced, either, but they let Luce leave the hospital…with the promise to investigate further.
  • Where's Sherlock when you need him?