Study Guide

Fallen Chapter 14

By Lauren Kate

Chapter 14

Idle Hands

  • The next day, rather than paying attention to the rain or her studies, Luce decides that the best use of her time is to make a catalogue of all her interactions with Daniel, which turns out to be less of a productive endeavor than she had intended.
  • That doesn't sound like a pity party at all.
  • To take her mind off all things Daniel, after class, Luce goes to the church-nasium for a swim, but she's interrupted when Penn finds her and tells her that she has some specific Daniel-related news.
  • So Luce's plan went over like a lead balloon.
  • Although Penn doesn't have the mysterious Grigori angel book to show for her efforts at the library, she has not-so surreptitiously hacked into Miss Sophia's database for some good old-fashioned internet searching.
  • As the two girls begin searching the web, they come across a webpage for the Grigori clan, and Penn and Luce begin taking notes.
  • Well, Penn takes notes, and Luce gets distracted and doodles a wing on her paper.
  • Awesome, thanks for your help, Luce.
  • Just as Luce is looking for a recycling bin to drop her less-than-helpful masterpiece into, she spots Daniel walking toward her across the library.
  • Daniel doesn't get too far, because he freezes when he notices that Cam is behind Luce, leaning over her chair, and rudely pretending that Penn doesn't exist at all.
  • In true Cam fashion, he presses another velvet box into Luce's hand, and Luce doesn't even have time to wonder what's inside before Cam forces it into her pocket and kisses her, right in front of Penn and Daniel.
  • Before Luce can even know what's happening, Cam is gone again, clutching his jaw and spluttering incoherently.
  • Yeah, Daniel punched Cam in the face.
  • The situation quickly escalates into a full-blown fight between Daniel and Cam, and they take it outside the library to get more room.
  • Smart decision; hurting the books is a no-no.
  • It seems like Cam and Daniel are pretty well matched with their punch-throwing, but it doesn't take long before Mr. Cole swoops in to break it up.
  • With the boys outside, Luce has no idea what Mr. Cole is saying to either of them, but she and Penn take this opportunity to discover what Cam gave Luce.
  • Hark: a note. "Meet me tomorrow after class. I'll be waiting at the gates —C" (14.177).
  • Well, that doesn't sound ominous at all.