Study Guide

Fallen Chapter 17

By Lauren Kate

Chapter 17

An Open Book

  • Luce goes back to her room to mull things over and is surprised to see a book sitting on her desk chair.
  • It's the missing Grigori book that she and Penn were looking for.
  • Thanks, Penn.
  • Luce opens the book, and what she finds nearly makes her heart stop.
  • On the front page is a picture of a man who looks remarkably like Daniel, standing next to a woman who looks remarkably like…
  • No, not the Muffin Man.
  • Luce.
  • Luce can't help but notice that this is all far too coincidental to be, well, coincidental. She decides she has to tell everything to Penn and see if these dots connect in any way to make a picture.
  • When Luce goes to the library, she first finds Arriane and Roland, and then Miss Sophia, but there's no Penn.
  • Luce figures that Miss Sophia might also understand what's going on, so she relays some—but definitely not all—of what she's been going through to her mentor.
  • Miss Sophia surprises Luce by saying she knows that Daniel kissing her is usually impossible, and that Daniel and Luce are both damned.
  • Now Luce is extra confused. Even if she and Daniel really were damned, how would Miss Sophia know?
  • Miss Sophia seems more than a little surprised to learn that Luce has never been baptized and has had no religious upbringing whatsoever.
  • Luce decides that the best thing to do is to find Daniel. Miss Sophia agrees to go with her, so they head off, meeting Penn on the way.
  • Penn, out of breath and more than a bit scared, tells Luce that Daniel is in the cemetery.
  • When asked how she knows this, Penn turns and points to the bowl in the middle of the cemetery: a flickering light is coming from the cemetery's heart.
  • Yeah, that seems like a pretty clear tip-off, unless the cemetery always lights itself on fire at night. Maybe it's learned a thing or two from the library.