Study Guide

Fallen Chapter 18

By Lauren Kate

Chapter 18

The Buried War

  • Because it seems like the smart thing to do, Luce throws herself toward the flickering fiery glow at the middle of the cemetery, with Penn and Miss Sophia hot on her heels.
  • Luce finds Daniel there, all right, surrounded by an ever-growing swarm of shadows.
  • At this moment, the puzzle pieces click into place for Luce, and she tells Daniel she thinks he's an angel.
  • Daniel asks Luce to repeat herself, but not because he didn't hear what she said: she's right.
  • Daniel tells Luce that the shadows she has been seeing her whole life are called Announcers. They're usually harmless, but this is the first lifetime in which she's been able to see them. That was his first tip-off that something about this lifetime was unusual.
  • Luce tries to press Daniel for more information, but Miss Sophia intervenes, telling Daniel that if he tries to explain everything to Luce, it could kill her.
  • Then Cam shows up, and all metaphorical hell breaks loose.
  • Or, given that Cam himself is also an angel, maybe it's more of a literal hell breaking loose?
  • Cam confesses that he totally plans to fight Daniel over Luce, again, and that if Luce dies, it would be for good this time.
  • Suddenly, Gabbe and Arriane are also there, and they're as nervous about this whole thing as Daniel and Luce are.
  • Luce, still not understanding the greater implications of this supposedly epic battle, asks for more answers and is mostly ignored.
  • Daniel does think Luce needs to get out of the cemetery, though, and Miss Sophia volunteers to keep her safe.
  • Which is ironic, because Miss Sophia's idea of keeping Luce safe involves killing Penn and locking Luce in a tower.
  • Um, Miss Sophia, that's not our idea of safeā€¦